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Floorplans and CAD

SER exposition services will assist in developing your floorplan to maximize the effectiveness of your exhibit area. It will be space efficient and tailored to your event’s size and attendance. SER maintains an extensive library of major facilities and hotels as well as some more unique venues. Our experienced drafting department uses state of the art CAD (computer aided design) software to ensure accurate layouts abiding by the facilities rules and regulations.

Creative Designs and Graphics

SER exposition services operates a full service graphics and design department on our premises. From custom signs to large scale entranceways and display systems, our talented design team will work closely with you to bring life to your vision. Utilizing state of the art equipment and software, your ideas and themes are transformed into reality.

Exhibitor Services

SER exposition services offers various equipment and services to enhance the exhibitors experience. These include: - Standard and Custom Rental Furniture and Accessories
- Custom Signs and Graphics
- Display Systems
- Installation and Dismantle Labor and Supervision
- Material Handling
- Standard and Custom Rental Exhibits
- Shipping Services with SER Logistics - Floral
- Cleaning

Modular Systems

SER exposition services has an in house department dedicated to creating and building Modular Systems. From entrance units to display counters to custom show management booths, we can work with you to design and build what you need.


Labor is at the core of what we do, and we have a talented group of site supervisors with years of experince to manage your labor needs. 

Logistics, Freight and Material Handling

SER Logistics is available to handle all your shipping needs. We work closely with our freight vendors to efficiently manage inbound and outbound event freight.

Carpet and Drape

Our warehouse is well stocked and offers a variety of drape and carpet colors to choose from. 

Furniture Rentals

SER offers a myriad of choices to both show management and the exhibitor. Standard and specialty furniture options along with a wide array of accessories will enhance your entire show or an individual booth. Simple to extravagant, first class results require a first class look.


Our cast of stars

We believe that creating a work place that promotes both personal and professional growth allows our staff to shine not only as a team, but also as individuals utilizing his or her own strengths. Our wealth of industry experience lends us the opportunity to consult with you and your staff with the confidence needed to ensure your event will run smoothly from inception to completion. From front line employees to senior managers, SER exposition services employees pride themselves on this commitment of offering you efficient, professional services


Full Service Decorator

SER exposition services is a full service decorator, we are your one stop shop for all your event needs.

For instance, SER exposition services handles all CAD and Graphics in-house. Allowing us to create and build a variety of display systems.

If we can't handle your project in-house, we have large network of vendors and wealth of experience to call upon to build your event.