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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers we have provided for your questions are general answers. If you have a question which these FAQ's can not answer, please call SER exposition services directly at 508-757-3397 or email us at serinfo@serexpo.com

What is SER exposition services? Hide

How do I order equipment or services for a show? Hide

What is an Exhibitor Services Manual? Hide

Booth Equipment

What does my booth include? Hide

Can I substitute an item that is included in my booth package? Hide

What are Exhibitor ID Signs? Hide

Is carpet included? Hide

What are your Available carpet colors? Hide

Available drape/skirt colors. Hide

Can I order flowers or plants? Hide

How do I order cleaning services? Hide


How do I order graphics/signs? Hide

What types of graphic substrates are available? Hide

How do I send a logo or graphic? Hide


How do I get an electrical hook-up? Hide

How do I get a telephone/internet/Wi-fi/Audio Visual Equipment? Hide

Drayage/Material Handling

What is Drayage? Hide

What is Direct Shipping? Hide

What is Advanced Shipping? Hide

What is a CWT? C Weight? Calculating material handling charges. Hide

When do you need my shipment? Hide

What if I miss the advance shipping deadline? Hide

What is rigging? Hide

Can I hire forklift services? Hide

On the "Furniture and Accessories Order Form" what is the difference between discounted prices and regular prices? Hide

What is my order deadline? Hide


Can I pay with a credit card? Hide

Can I fax the order form? Hide

What is the Third Party Payment form used for? Hide

Miscellaneous Questions

What is a Non Official Contractor? Hide

Do I have to use SER exposition services for my labor needs? Hide

Directions to our facility Hide

35B New Street SER exposition services Worcester, MA 01605 office:508.757.3397 fax:508.757.9136 Order Online